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The Difference between Marketing & Branding

Posted on October 19, 2017

Post by: Leah Manlove Howard

As the daughter of parents that love a good challenge and the wife to a widely ambitious husband and two crazy kids, I’ve decided to create a new challenge for myself and the #JMMC_Agency.

“Do more of what we love at the highest level possible”

Throughout my career, there have been many ups and downs just like most people but what made the biggest impact was becoming a MOM! Wow, what a mind-blowing experience it has been for me and my husband to raise two little people and most entertaining for our parents. It’s forced me to become extremely self-aware and reflective. In the last 3 or so years, I’ve realized some of my strengths and weaknesses which have led me to my true passions and gifts… partly because of my loving husband and family pointing a few out 😉 with much grace and love of course.

My top gifts of Exhortation, Hospitality, and Craftsmanship explain a lot of why I’ve chosen and feel passionate about God’s path for me to stay in the family business. (see definitions and find yours here gifttest) BUT I’ve become keenly aware of the fact that in order to lead or create influence and do it well I must be a sponge. To perform at the highest level I need to be a sponge of industry knowledge, a connoisseur of my client’s products and services, perfect the art of communication, and innovate with tools of the trade. This new series of blog posts will be just that.

Together we will go on a journey of the #AgencyChallenge. I hope you enjoy this and please provide comments!


Post #1 The difference between Marketing & Branding?

I sat down with John Manlove, my father and first teacher I’ve ever known, at one of our favorite spots in Galveston to kick-back. We like to call it the Tiki Bar but really it’s just a bar in his garage at their historic home on the island that everyone seems to congregate and jam out by nights end to our favorite list of music.  With whiskey in our cups and a little #MiamipoolsideChill on, we started our convo. The conversation lead to the age-old debate of “What is the difference between Marketing & Branding?” I asked the following questions that often come up with clients when we’re going through the initial Clarify phase of our engagement. And it’s an answer that often spits out some generic description with fluffy words and tons of grey area that have us all confused by the end of it. This post might help rid the world of #agencyBS and finally get some clarity to one of the most important questions in the field.

Marketing vs. Branding:

Leah: If you had to define Marketing & Branding, what would that be?

John: Marketing is what you do to create awareness about products or services with the ultimate goal of sales. It includes every interaction with prospects and clients. Branding is about making your product the most desirable it can be to the audience you are marketing to.


Leah: Okay so then what do you see as the biggest difference between the two?

John: Marketing is more about promoting your product or service, while branding is the essence of the product or service –  it deals with making the offering likable, different and valuable.


Leah: Why is it important to understand the difference?

John: It is important to understand the difference because no amount of marketing dollars can save a product that is not liked or valued.


Leah: So essentially what you’re saying is if I was standing in an aisle starring at two products and all things were equal you I would choose the brand I find more likable? So is one more important than the other?

John: Yes, exactly. I believe the brand is the ultimate foundation that the campaign is built on so it is primary.


Leah: Since you have done it all at this point, do you enjoy working on a brand or marketing most?

John: I enjoy working on the brand identity the most because it is such a blend of art and science, while marketing is more about strategy.


Leah: What is your all-time favorite Brand?

John: There are many, but I have always liked the Apple Computer Branding it includes everything from their stores, to product design and even packaging.


Leah: What is your all-time favorite marketing campaign?

John: Well, one of the best-branded marketing campaigns I have ever seen was when Honda Scooters took on Harley Davidson. Harley owned the bad-boy image, powerful bikes with a rebel spirit – Harley Davidson dominated the industry. Honda repositioned the concept and presented a small lightweight scooter. Honda marketed happy people having tons of fun and a slogan that resonated– “You meet the nicest people on a Honda.” It was a huge success and the beginning of Honda in the US.

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