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American Advertising Federation – Houston Chooses John Manlove as Chairman-Elect

Posted on August 2, 2018

John Manlove is Chairman-elect of American Advertising Federation- Houston chapterHouston Texas, July 2018 – John Manlove, CEO and President of John Manlove Marketing & Communications, was elected to serve as Chairman-Elect of  Houston’s American Advertising Federation.

The mission of  Houston Advertising Federation (AAF-H) is to advance the advertising profession by supporting industry recruitment, education and promoting ethical self-regulation.

This club had a significant impact on America’s role in both World Wars. AAF-H was the nation’s first War Advertising Committee and handled every phase of publicity relating to the war effort. So outstanding was the success of the War Advertising Committee in World War I that the same plan was used successfully during World War II.

“This is a historic organization founded in 1911 and is one of the oldest service organization in Houston. AAF-H has a great heritage in our city and the American advertising industry. It was AAF-H that organized and sponsored the Better Business Bureau of Houston in the 1920’s.” said John Manlove. “I would have never dreamed, 45 years ago, when my agency was in a little one-car garage that one day we would be in a 15,000sf facility and that I would be Chairman-Elect of the Houston Advertising Federation. This is all a testimony to what a great city we live in.”

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