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Benefits of In-App Advertising

Posted on November 6, 2018

Benefits of In-App Advertising

People use their Smartphones to connect with friends and family, solve unexpected problems, and remain entertained during otherwise boring moments. These moments are when people turn to apps, which is your chance to advertise.

In-app advertising is the fastest growing segment of mobile marketing, and with good reason. People with Smartphones or tablets spend an average of three hours per day on these devices, and 84 percent of that time is spent enjoying mobile apps. Most people prefer apps over the mobile web because of their superior user-friendliness on small screens.

A few years ago, social media dominated mobile users’ time, but today, a wide range of apps vie for their attention. This gives you ample opportunities to market your business where it makes the most sense for your product.

Benefits of Advertising in Mobile Apps

If the top goals of your marketing campaign are high reach and high engagement, in-app advertising could be worth adding to your marketing budget. Here are the specific benefits of this advertising modality:

  • Higher click-through rates: Compared to web advertising and banner ads, in-app marketing tends to produce higher click-through rates. Since there’s a high correlation between leads and conversions, this alone should be a big enough reason for your company to target mobile app users.
  • Better timing: Advertisements that show up in mobile apps appear within the context of the app, making them feel more natural than “interruption” ads often seen in web browsers. Interactive ads are also available from some apps, allowing advertisers to choose a key point during the in-app experience to display the ad.
  • More engaged audience: In-app advertising delivers your message to a fully engaged audience. This form of marketing is comparable to a prime-time television commercial, but at a much lower price point.
  • Ability to avoid ad-blockers: As the prevalence of ad blocking continues to rise, marketers are scrambling for ways to get their ads in front of their target audience. In-app ads can dodge ad blockers, even when users have mobile ad blocking software installed.
  • “Right time, right place” advertising: Demographic and real-time location data are available to mobile advertisers. This means you can create highly targeted, hyper-focused ad campaigns that appear at just the right time and place. This allows you to avoid wasting money on ineffective, generalized ads that are less likely to generate clicks and sales.

Clearly, in-app advertising is tremendously beneficial for reaching the right consumers at the right time in the right place. However, this isn’t enough. For high click-through rates and conversions, you must also present quality content that creates a positive ad experience. That’s where John Manlove Marketing & Communications comes in. To learn more about how we can help with in-app advertising, please call us today at 281-487-6767.