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Brand Safety Tactics for Your Business

Posted on July 24, 2018

Brand Safety Tactics for Your Business

Are you taking the necessary precautions to protect your company? What can you do to stay brand-safe?

  • Recognize your current risks. Contact your advertising partners and find out which websites and social content your ads are currently running against. If your partners can’t provide you with a list, ask why. This process may require substantial effort and decrease your efficiency for a while, but it could help you avoid making negative headlines like so many brands did in 2017.
  • Don’t rely on automation for everything. Algorithms and programmatic ad buying are useful tools that save time and money, but don’t entirely replace the human element with automation. Whether it’s verifying your advertising sites manually or checking in with your ad network regularly, manage your digital ad-buying process instead of letting the automation ran rampant.
  • Use social media for two-way communication. Social media platforms have turned into tools for receiving and replying to direct feedback from customers. Develop brand-safety tactics for handling two-way communication, especially when responding to complaints. And remember, consumers won’t wait patiently for two or three days for your response.
  • Pinpoint your brand’s principles. Obviously, your brand is opposed to violence and sexually explicit content, but even an ad appearing alongside specific political or cause-related content could create a firestorm on Twitter. Decide where your brand stands on certain current events, and opt in to the websites that align with your principles.
  • Make sure vendors and agencies follow your brand’s protocols. The vast scale of a modern marketing operation is too large for one person to handle. You must make sure your ad partners are on board with your brand’s protocols and provide full transparency disclosing their efforts in this regard.
  • Hire a brand safety officer. The brand safety officer’s duty is to ensure a solid online reputation and positive customer experiences. This person can be the one who verifies your brand’s ad sites, handles communication on social media, and keeps your vendors and agencies in line with the carefully crafted game plan that takes your company’s industry, audience and internal culture into account.

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