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Case Study – Galveston College

Posted on May 15, 2018

Case Study – Galveston College

Galveston College is a community college on Galveston Island that serves approximately 2,300 students each semester. The school opened its doors in 1967 and is currently the number one ranking community college in Texas.

Galveston College is known for being a progressive and dynamic institution with a commitment to delivering a quality, affordable education to everyone who wants it. The school strives to provide employment opportunities through its comprehensive program offerings, which include academics, technical and workforce development, continuing education, and community service (leisure learning).

There’s no doubt that Galveston College has a great deal to offer the Southeast Texas community, but until recently, the school lacked a brand identity and desperately desired greater public support for its programs. That’s why, in October 2017, the College hired John Manlove Marketing & Communications to develop a new marketing and branding plan for the school.

To achieve this, we followed our John Manlove Marketing Process, which includes three simple, yet effective steps:

CLARIFY: Get on the same page as the company and pinpoint the desired outcome of our services.

During the “clarify” process with Galveston College, JMMC worked closely with the Board of Directors to identify these key goals:

  • Improve student access and enrollment at the school.
  • Showcase the school’s dedication to student success leading up to and following graduation.
  • Increase public awareness and support of Galveston College’s programs and services.

BRAND: Take the company’s vision and show the target audience how it’s a reality.

In the case of Galveston College, after the community research and internal audits, it was necessary to build a reputation surrounding the qualities that make the school unique and maximize its appeal to potential students, parents and the general public. Here are the points JMMC emphasized:

  • Galveston College is easily accessible to the local community.
  • No other college has a greater understanding of the community.
  • The school provides a quality learning experience through many excellent educational programs.
  • Attending Galveston College opens up access to better-paying careers.
  • The campus is a safe, secure place to learn.

REACH: Broadcast the company’s vision to the community and expand communication to make it easier for the public to hear about its unique offerings.

In working with Galveston College, JMMC identified the target audience as Generation Z (people who are currently 18 to 24 years old) living in the Houston area who might be interested in attending a local community college. By knowing the primary target, we were able to:

  • Utilize the most effective marketing avenues available, including social media, websites, blogs, email campaigns, geo-targeting, TV commercials, radio ads, events, tradeshows and more.
  • Personalize the delivery method to reach the target audience.
  • Make our digital marketing techniques user-friendly and easily accessible on Smartphones and computers.

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