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Brand Identity

A brand is only as strong as it’s identity and we create strong identity programs for clients in multiple industries. Here are just a few of our most recent brand identity programs. Whether it’s a logo or a fully integrated campaign we pursue excellence on every project. Trust and believe we will develop the right solution for your brand identity every time.

Atlantic Coffee Solutions

Atlantic Coffee Solutions (ACS) is one of the largest coffee producers in the world and one of only two providers of a CO2 decaffeination process, and this process produces the highest quality decaffeinated coffee available. It is natural, environmentally friendly and preserves the natural flavors and antioxidants of the coffee bean.

While ACS has the best process they lacked an identifiable brand identity that is why they turned to John Manlove Marketing & Communications to create a unique brand for their decaffeination process.

JMMC conducted a national survey of identified coffee drinkers and their preferences for decaffeination processes. JMMC then evaluated the research and aligned it with the corporate vision and mission.

JMMC has developed the brand promise and brand position along with producing a brand name for the ACS process.

The ACS campaign will utilize a cross-promotional tactic that will leverage its B+B and B+C target markets.

The brand will be rolled out in 2015.

Galveston Island Coffee

Galveston Island Coffee is a startup web-based coffee company located in Galveston Texas. John Manlove Marketing & Communications (JMMC) has been involved from the very first concept of the product launch. The project started with creating a brand that represented the emotions and lure of an island that has history, romance and mystery. JMMC utilized the unique history of the Pirate Jean Lafitte, who was one of the first importers of coffee into the U.S. through Galveston and Island’s many historic structures as a backdrop for the brand creative.

JMMC created the brand image, brand promise and positioning for the the product. All coffee blends and roasting where personally overseen by JMMC. JMMC has designed all packaging, which required significant resourcefulness since the coffee is only produced in small batches to preserve freshness and quality.

Coffee sales has continued to grow and two large organizations are now using Galveston Island Coffee for their outreach marketing.

Park Towers

TPMC Realty Corporation has selected Manlove to rebrand Park Towers, the company’s premier commercial property in Houston. Located in the Uptown area, Park Towers has been a real estate icon for over 30 years, and is preparing to launch the third phase of the two towers with a complete interior renovation.

The renovations planned for 2016 create a stimulating environment in Houston’s Most iconic location. Along with the renovations TPMC determined it was also time to rebrand the property and asked Manlove to do the honors. Manlove has just completed the brand identity process, which articulated the brand personality, promise and position of Park Towers. The new launch of Park Towers Uptown, with the new campaign will highlight the amenities and undoubtedly the Towers will stand out in this competitive environment. Keep an eye out for the launch of a new website in the first quarter of 2016. We’re excited about the launch of Park Towers Uptown and look forward to shaking up the commercial industry with TPMC.

John Manlove Marketing & Communications (JMMC) was hired by John Drury, CEO of USA Waste Company, to rebrand his company. Upon analysis of the current brand identity of USA Waste and the industry at large, it was noted that all the major waste companies were marketing themselves the same way. All marketing materials were very institutional and all were competing for the number of landfills, trucks and capacities they owned. JMMC rebranded USA Waste as an environmentally friendly company all services were positioned from the customer perspective and benefit. The new brand identity was a huge success and redefined the entire waste industry and the way they marketed themselves. USA Waste bought Waste Management Company, the largest Waste Management company in the nation which had $13 billion a year annual revenue at the time. The new Brand Identity that JMMC created for USA Waste was carried over to the newly merged company and to this day waste companies continue to follow the JMMC brand approach.