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A campaign is a journey. Like a journey, a well formulated campaign must have a clear destination. Every one of these campaigns followed the JMMC Clarify-Brand- Reach process, a process that sets the direction, defines the creative and determines the outcome.

You will have confidence in a JMMC campaign because, we understand all the moving parts – and there are many. These case studies are only a glimpse into some of our successful marketing campaigns they cannot fully demonstrate the energy, the management, the “aha moments” and the intense concentration that went into making these campaigns successful.

San Jacinto Historic District

JMMC was asked to lead the Quality of Life Taskforce for The Economic Alliance Houston Port Region to find a way to rebrand the region. Over the next three years, the team worked closely with 15 local cites and hundreds of volunteers to create the 225,000-plus-acre San Jacinto Texas Historic District, the fifth largest historical district in Texas. This allowed for funding and coordination of 26 “Stars,” or historical locations that tell the story of Texas.

Project Stars (as it became known) also included a tree-planting initiative and a public art project, where refineries along Highway 225 and other major corridors would agree to put historical paintings on storage tanks. All of these activities were accompanied by a focused public relations effort, including special events and media coverage.

As a result of these efforts a master plan was developed and incorporated into the Harris County Precinct 2 Parks Master Plan. These efforts drew the attention of state and national elected officials and increased media coverage by local newspapers and Greater Houston media outlets. Over $4 million in grants and matching funds from private industry were awarded to help define and create the district. And, most importantly we helped build awareness and increase tourist traffic to the region.

Bridgeland Hidden Creek

When Manlove was approached to promote the new community of Hidden Creek we didn’t realize how hidden the community actually was. In actuality it didn’t even exist. Bridgeland’s planning department had gotten tied up with obtaining permits and the entire development was on hold for almost two years. Bridgeland was struggling to retain and build interest with prospective home buyers with only raw land and architectural plans to show what the community would eventually become.

Manlove accepted the challenge taking an aggressive pre-sales approach to build excitement for the community of the future. We created a fully animated neighborhood that showed every aspect of the development including overhead and street views of homes, waterways and parks. The animated video was utilized online, at realtor events, and for community presentations. The video was supported by a brochure that mapped out the entire community with details on homes, amenities and pre-sale pricing.

By the time Hidden Creek put in the streets they had already sold dozens of lots and homes and the launch of the community exceeded all expectations. Hidden Creek is now well under construction and traffic to the community is only matched by traffic to Bridgeland’s YouTube channel where they can still see the animated community the way it was envisioned.

Political Campaigns

John Manlove Marketing & Communications (JMMC) is one of the only agencies that has real-life experience. John Manlove, CEO of JMMC, has not only ran many successful campaigns, he has himself won several political offices. John was elected four times as city councilman and twice as Mayor of one the largest cities in Texas. John has also been a candidate for U.S. Congress. No one knows more about campaigning than JMMC.

We at JMMC refer to political campaigns as a “campaign with a deadline.” The results of a campaign are simple you either win or you lose. What separates JMMC from almost all other consultants is our attention to the details. We are methodical. We not only perform the research we evaluate it and test it for messaging relevance. We develop the campaign creative, the promise and the positioning.

The most important difference about a JMMC campaign is our “project management.” Few consultants understand the importance of this – we do. With JMMC you will have a professionally managed campaign based on solid data with the unmatched JMMC award-winning creative.

The Woodlands CVB

For 8 years Manlove handled creative, media strategy/placement, and online marketing for The Woodlands Convention & Visitors Bureau.  Responsibilities included brand awareness and promotion of special events. One of the signature events is the Christmas Holiday Ice Rink.  This event has grown over the last seven years and attracts many people from outside The Woodlands. 

Manlove planned and executed all media insertions during the holiday season, and handled all creative, signage, and print creative and production.  

Statistics from 2013 indicated the following:

  • 61.9% attended from outside the community
  • 50.5% had not attended before
  • 15% increase in attendance from the previous year
  • An average of 829 skaters a day in 61 days of operation
  • 830 zip codes were documented
  • Over 150,000 people The Woodlands, the Ice Rink and the accompanying Winter Wonderland event

Though our strengths traditionally lie in the field of brand identity and campaigns, we are also very effective at planning and implementing events. Whether it’s the launch of a new product or a holiday ice rink we can provide an integrated strategy that will ensure success.

Church Marketing

John Manlove Marketing & Communications launched in 1991 the first church marketing firm of its kind in the U.S. The issue was that, while churches were effective at ministering to their congregations they were poor at communicating to people unfamiliar with church.

Manlove launched its first “church” marketing and branding campaigns for Sagemont Church in Houston. Sagemont was a successful church but membership had remained flat for several years. Manlove recommended a branding direct mail campaign on the level of what the corporate world was doing.

The campaign focused on misconceptions of church life today. The cover read, “If This is Your Idea of Church” along with an image of people sleeping in the pews. The inside read, “Think Again!” and showed scenes of children, young adults and seniors having fun.

The first mailer resulted in 600 new visitors the first Sunday! This was a revolution in church marketing and our client list grew to more than 1,700 churches.