John Manlove
Gina Manlove

Emoji’s Can Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Posted on August 7, 2019

So maybe the Egyptian’s had it right all along with their ancient hieroglyphs, which was a combination of logo graphics and other elements. In our modern culture, we seemed to be returning to this ancient method of communication in the form of the emoji.

The emoji, as a form of communication, apparently has tapped into our desire to communicate, just as our tribal ancestors did through pictographs and it is astonishingly effective.

You can say so much, so fast and with so little with these modernday hieroglyphics, which is why they are so popular and effective. This is important, from a marketing perspective where fast communications are more important than ever. In marketing emotion is integral to effectiveness and the emoji can convey emotions with a single item, no explanation needed.

The ability to express and emotion so effectively is what makes it useful as an advertising tool.

According to the Emoji Trend Report, conducted by Adobe after interviewing 1,000 frequent emoji users in the U.S.:

  • 65% are more comfortable expressing emotions with an emoji.
  • 83% Gen Zers are frequent users of emojis for expressing emotions.

This all becomes important to the marketer when you consider some of the additional finding.

  • 64% of consumers are likely to open an email from a brand with their favorite emoji in the subject line.
  • 58% will open a message just because it has an emoji.
  • 44% are more likely to follow brands in social media if they use emojis.
  • 64% will in general buy via an emoji.
  • 94% believe emojis communicate across language and social barriers.

And the big one,

  • 81% believe people who use emojis are more approachable and friendly.

So, should an emoji be included in some way in your marketing efforts. If it is appropriate yes. Likeability, is a big emotional benefit in any marketing effort and the emoji could be an important asset if used authentically and appropriately. Apparently, the Egyptians were further down the marketing and communications road than we ever imagined.

John Manlove is the president and CEO of John Manlove Marketing & Communications.