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For Branding Choose Your Words Wisely

Posted on November 30, 2015

For Branding Choose Your Words Wisely

The Advertising world is a world of words. Think about it, brands are created in the mind, but to get inside in the mind requires words, artfully selected words, words that create a specific image in the mind. These words can then be represented with imagery that amplifies the intent of the brand.  Enduring brands understand this relationship between words and the brand identity and they hire a professional ad agency to guard, protect and manage all aspects of what is being communicated.

Some great brands have seen their brand identity undermined by not understanding this most basic relationship between words and brands. Can a brand like Mercedes really be positioned as “affordable” and while maintaining its brand image as a world-class luxury vehicle? Could Harley Davidson market a scooter without damaging their bad-boy brand image? Seems simple, but this unfortunate outcome of competing, even destructive messages is played out more often than you might image. A company may have one agency handling their traditional marketing and different agency handling its digital marketing with each agency having two distinct sets of objectives and brand image understandings.

The success or failure of a brand’s future is determined by its choice of words.  Are the brand’s words consistent over the years and are the words the same across all marketing channels – including the digital world?

Words are the tools of our trade at John Manlove Marketing & Communications, we take them seriously and so should you. We understand the power of words and we focus their power across all marketing channels. We are experts in all traditional media such as TV, Radio, Print and Outdoor, but just as important, we apply the same proven branding principles to all digital media as well.  Why is this important? It’s important because every word used regarding your corporate brand sends a clear message. Our Houston Ad Agency acts as your “word guardian” across all marketing channels where ever your brand interacts with your target market.

John Manlove Marketing & Communications has been in the Houston advertising business for 50 years, and we assist clients by helping them successfully market and sell their products and services. We’re a branding company that creates successful marketing campaigns based on proven advertising principles across traditional and digital marketing platforms.  For more information, contact our ad agency in Houston via email at, call 281.487.6767, or visit

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