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How to Make Your Brand More Instant

Posted on September 18, 2018

Instant Brands take work

On-demand video rentals. Instantly buffered YouTube videos. Free two-day shipping. Grocery delivery in two hours or less.

These are the expectations consumers have today. Smartphones with a continuous Internet connection fuels a growing craving, not only for access to instant information, but for the delivery of instant products and services. To meet your customers’ demands, it’s time to invest in becoming more instant.

Audit Your Brand’s Instant Capabilities

Amazon has done everything in its power to deliver world-class instant services. The company runs robotic warehouses, recently bought an airline and is testing delivery drones. Not every business needs to take such drastic measures to overcome customer impatience, but you should take a moment to assess your current instant capabilities and consider ways to improve.

Make Your Brand More Instant in 2018

How can you provide your products and services without requiring a trip to the store, making an appointment or standing in line? Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Partner with local delivery service providers: Take a cue from Google Express, which partners with major retailers to provide next-day delivery, or Walmart, which is launching partnerships with Lyft and Uber to offer same-day grocery delivery. Local delivery partners and crowdshipping service providers abound, giving small to mid-size businesses a chance to interact instantly with customers.
  • Create a product experience: It’s not good enough to deliver the product that a customer ordered – the box it comes in also matters. Opening the package is part of the purchase and delivery experience. Over half of consumers say they would make a repeat purchase from an online retailer that delivered products in premium packages. And 40 percent say they would be inclined to post an image of a delivery on social media if it came in a special box.
  • Focus on filling the gap between purchase and delivery: It’s impossible for any shipment to be truly instant. You can let the time between purchase and delivery be filled with anxiety, or you can provide real-time order status updates. This makes your brand come across as responsive and proactive, addressing issues before they even arise.
  • Rethink the in-store experience: With such a focus on delivery, you might think brick-and-mortar stores are on their way out. But this isn’t necessarily the case. Consumers still enjoy browsing in person, trying out products and getting advice from store associates. Just make sure your store focuses on creating exciting personal experiences rather than merely serving as a stockroom.
  • Use your instant capabilities as a marketing tool: Don’t just tell customers you’re instant – prove it! Overnight a small gift to your most loyal social fans, include a free sample with every shipped order or provide limited-time packaging for products ordered on your website.

By using delivery and other instant technologies correctly, you can fulfill your customers’ demand for instant gratification and create exciting new experiences for them. Discover how we can help your brand by contacting John Manlove Marketing & Communications at 281-487-6767 today.