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JMMC is Hired by Galveston College

Posted on November 7, 2017

JMMC is Hired by Galveston  College

After an in-depth RFQ process, the Galveston College Board of Regents voted unanimously to hire John Manlove Marketing & Communications (JMMC) on October 11th to develop the new marketing and branding plan for Galveston College.

“We are excited to be working with the Manlove team to develop a new coherent marketing and branding plan for the College in support of the College’s new strategic plan that was completed and adopted in August.” – Dr. Myles Shelton, President of Galveston College

The selected agency will be working closely with Galveston College personnel to create effective messaging and strategies that increase awareness and enhance public support of the specific programs and services the College offers.

The branding component will include in-depth research and strategic meeting sessions with stakeholders. Once branding is established a marketing plan will be developed to actively communicate the College’s new message.

“It’s time to peel back the layers of all the benefits Galveston College offers and ask the tough questions. We aim to discover and articulate Galveston College’s brand message in a distinct and unifying voice that reflects the standards and goals of the College.” – Leah Manlove Howard, Vice President of JMMC

JMMC was founded in Houston in 1961. The firm is the oldest, one of the most successful and one of the most award-winning marketing agencies in the Houston area winning awards for some of the best branding and creative work in the country. The agency has unique qualifications with a specialized method and approach to discovering and developing core identity and brand identities of public, private and non- profit organizations.

“We exist to create influence for our clients! We look for partners that want to redefine their industry and uncover a new path forward and we believe this is Galveston College.” – John Manlove, Owner of JMMC

Galveston College opened its doors in September 1967 as a comprehensive community college located on Galveston Island and is currently the number one ranked community college in Texas for three consecutive years (by

Galveston College works to provide educational opportunities through its academic programs, technical and workforce development programs, and its continuing education and community service (leisure learning) programs. Galveston College’s credit enrollment topped 2,200 credit students in the fall of 2017. Galveston College has proven to be a progressive, dynamic institution of higher education known for its partnerships with businesses and organizations and its commitment to provide a quality learning environment that is focused on teaching and learning.