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Less Talk, More Action Part 2: Delivering on Your Brand Promise

Posted on June 11, 2019

Less Talk, More Action Part 2: Delivering on Your Brand Promise

In part one of this series, we discussed the five building blocks of an effective brand promise. The next step is to deliver on that promise in a meaningful way by taking action. Here’s how to make sure your efforts are authentic to your brand and what you stand for.

Align Your Actions with a Set of Values

If your brand promise uses words like “quality,” “inspire,” and “innovate,” you had better be prepared to demonstrate these qualities as you run your business.

For instance, in its commitment “to add flavor to everyday moments,” Snapple celebrated a passionate high school student by commissioning a personalized mural for his parking spot at school. Similarly, Dr. Pepper installed a life-size Dr. Pepper fountain in a fan’s front yard after she tweeted about her love for the fizzy drink.

Target a Specific Audience

Who are your biggest fans? Pinpoint this group, and then look for ways to meet their needs. This might mean going all-out for a small subset of people, which can create ripples across a broader spectrum when those you impact directly share their experiences on social media.

Give Consumers a Way to Tell Their Story

Pay attention to every bit of feedback you receive about your products or services. When you get a complaint, do everything you can to set it right—in an extravagant way, if possible. The goal is to impress dissatisfied customers and win them over, bringing their friends and followers along with them after they tell their story on social media.

Create Partnerships with Brands that Share Your Values

Airlines often partner with hotels and rental car companies, and athletic brands sometimes team up with fitness trackers to offer consumers a more complete package. Find a company in your area that a) provides products or services that complement your own and b) has a business promise you admire, plus the ability to act on it. Such valuable partnerships can further both companies’ brands and help you make a more significant impact on your customers.

Heighten the Brand Experience

Sometimes, you don’t need a partner to help your customers enjoy your brand more. Sometimes, you just need to think creatively.

Take two pizza chains, for instance. Pizza Hut offers a box that turns into a projector and screen to enhance watching movies on a Smartphone. Domino’s improves the customer experience with the “Paving for Pizza” initiative, which repairs potholes in towns their customers nominate.

Alter Your Customers’ Perceptions

If there’s a longstanding negative opinion about something in your industry, do what you can to change it. This may apply to services people need but don’t necessarily enjoy, such as going to the dentist, taking the car in for maintenance, or calling for air conditioner repair.

The companies taking action today are turning heads, making more sales, and future-proofing themselves. If you need help defining your brand promise or delivering on it, contact John Manlove Marketing & Communications at 281-487-6767.