John Manlove
Gina Manlove

Mankind Mission Has Launched

Posted on January 4, 2016

We are taking you to the edge of the creative and branding frontier. We never surrender and always resist mediocrity.  It is indeed what you see that makes the difference. It is in our soul to redefine industries by redefining perspectives. We have created the illusive tipping point that changed the way thousands of non-profits nationwide market and define their missions. It doesn’t happen everyday and it is part science, vision and timing along with the courage to reach for the horizon on everyone’s part.

So we set out to find those fellow travelers who want to change an industry. Pioneers who wanted to engage our creative laboratory and shape a whole new sphere of influence. We are Manlove, we are the creative class on a mission to change the world one brand at a time.

We are very pleased to announce those who have joined our journey and share our passion for change:

  • TPMC Park Towers
  • Kingwood Marina mixed-use development
  • Atlantic Coffee Solutions