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Top Down Inside Out Branding

Posted on May 3, 2017

Top Down Inside Out Branding

Top Down Inside Out

Most businesses start out with a unique idea, a spark of creativity and then ultimately end up a copy of some other company they encountered along the way.  This evolution ultimately ends up in the sad cycle of “me too” marketing in a sea of “me too” competitors. We at JMMC focus on breaking this unsustainable evolution toward the “me too” marketing.
A well branded competitor wins more than they lose. A well branded competitor understands their unique market position and deliverable brand promise. But, it is more than that. Without corporate alignment it is just statements on a wall or a three-ring binder in the CEO’s office.


We have seen recent cases of branding with no corporate alignment. Wells Fargo, United Airlines and Volkswagon to name a few. While their marketing has been well funded and strategically targeted the organizations were never in alignment with the brand strategy. Another case with Princes Cruise on their Home Page states “Environmental Responsibility” Protecting our oceans, marine life and air quality for future generations…..Then we see Princes being sued and penalized for $40 million for illegally dumping oil at sea.



A brand statement does not mean brand authenticity. This is why we insist on BRAND AUTHENTICITY. We research leadership, employees and marketplace. Then have employee engagement programs that engage everyone at every level. JMMC’s philosophy of authentic brands come from the top down and inside out.

This is how we build strong brands that last.