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Why You Need Media Buying (and How an Agency Can Help)

Posted on June 27, 2018

Media buyingIf a tree falls in a forest, and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it make a sound? You could ask the same question about a witty advertisement that plays when no one is listening.

This analogy should make you realize that effective brand promotion is about more than just coming up with a clever ad – it’s also about making sure someone sees it. And not just anyone – your target audience must witness what you have to say, or your ad campaign is useless.

This is why effective media buying is so critical. If you’re new to this concept, learn more about why you need media buying – and how an agency can help maximize your efforts.

What is Media Buying?

Media buying is the purchase of media “real estate” from companies that own the ad space. Purchasable media ranges from billboards and newspaper ads to TV and radio commercials to website banners and social media ads.

When and where you advertise should be based, not only on your target audience but also on the costs involved. For instance, a full-page spread on a prominent page of the newspaper will cost much more than a small ad tucked on an inner page. Likewise, a commercial on a national network at prime time will require a heftier investment than an ad aired at 7:00 am on a local station.

How a Media Buying Agency Can Help

How do you decide what avenues to pursue and how to balance investment costs with potential revenue? The key is to work with a media buying agency. Here’s what an agency can do to aid your campaign:

  • Select the best media outlets: To have a successful media buying campaign, you must select the most appropriate venues for distributing your message. When and where do you want your ad to appear? Your media buying agency will research the demographics of your target market and determine the best time and place to buy media space.
  • Negotiate price and ad placement on your behalf: An experienced agency will fight to get you the best price for the most advantageous ad placement.
  • Free up your time: Buying directly without assistance from an agency can easily become a full-time job. You also open yourself up to an onslaught of calls soliciting you to purchase ad space. Let your agency buy your media so you can focus on running your business.

As a comprehensive marketing and communications company, JMMC can help you with your media strategy, planning and buying efforts. Not only can we ensure your advertisements reach your target audience, but we can also help you shape the message you want to share. It’s all part of our creative marketing process, which we use to define the unique qualities of your company and broadcast them to the public using the most effective channels possible.

To learn more about media buying and other services from John Manlove Marketing, please contact us at 281-487-6767 today.