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The Youngest is Transforming One of the Oldest Agencies in Houston

Posted on August 16, 2018

The Youngest is Transforming One of the Oldest Agencies in Houston

Houston, TX – August 13, 2018 John Manlove Marketing & Communications, JMMC, is a vigorous and innovative agency that draws on more than 57 years of experience in branding and campaign strategies. The firm is one of the most successful and one of the most award-winning ad agencies in the Houston area winning awards for some of the best branding and creative work in the country. The agency has a reputation for redefining how entire industries market themselves though effective positioning and innovative creativity.

Leah Manlove Howard, the youngest of the third-generation in this family-owned agency has been fortunate enough to be part of some of the most effective and influential marketing, advertising and innovation ideas over her tenure in this business. Leah Howard dreamed of touring the world doing international marketing – but her passions brought her back to her roots after earning her Bachelor of Business Administration from Baylor University and studying abroad. She now lives on the waters of Clear Lake, Texas with her husband and two children, and joined the Manlove team in 2006. Recently promoted to Chief Strategy Officer she leads the growth and expanding capabilities of what is now a strong agency with a thriving office in the competitive Houston market.

“As Chief Strategy Officer, she oversees all strategic efforts for the agency and its clients, across digital, strategic brand planning and forging new relationships in the industry. These days, our team is thinking about campaigns beyond the traditional mix of TV, online, and mobile content and reaching to more unexpected ways to communicate a brand’s story. We strive to create influence and campaign confidence with each client.” – John Manlove, CEO

JMMC, in the last three-years alone, has worked for and is working with companies like, Port Houston, Atlantic Coffee Solutions, Howard Hughes Corporation, Freedom CNG, TPMC, San Jacinto Museum of History, Port of Galveston, Enchanted Rock Energy, Capital Bank, MSR Houston and the Preserve of Texas. Over their 57-year history they have branded and managed some of the largest ongoing media campaigns in the Houston area and developed strategic campaigns for local, national, and international clients in a variety of industries. Leah’s recent accomplishments include establishing alliances with global digital teams, collaborating with communication influencers regionally, and establishing an in-house agency studio which has added tremendous value to JMMC’s diverse client list.

“The intellectual property we possess sets us apart from any other agency. We are defined by our work so we obsess over it, we lose sleep over it and crave more of it. It’s a beautiful thing when a plan comes together and drives immediate change. I learned early on from my father that with laser focus on the client’s ‘discovered’ purpose we can transform the way they operate and market themselves. And with a sensitive heart like my mother’s I’m endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human. I’ve never been more excited about the future of our agency and industry regionally and looking internationally.”- Leah Howard, Global Chief Strategy Officer

To encourage continuing education and professional development among marketers, she works alongside John Manlove with the American Advertising Federation of Houston and represents the philosophy – great ideas can come from anywhere – so she actively works on encouraging open lines of communication with partners, affiliates, employees and interns that are employed by JMMC.