John Manlove
Gina Manlove


Posted on November 24, 2015

office_01This isn’t your typical fluorescent lit cube farm. This is Manlove, where creativity has been woven into the environment with colorful, innovative and conducive workspaces.

“Creating a cool workplace should reflect an agency’s culture, and we believe our offices are a perfect portrayal of our brand.” says Leah Howard, Brand Development Director.

The JMMC Building was designed from the start to be an “advertising agency”, that means it is an environment for creativity and collaboration. The entire atmosphere at the agency is inspiring. Situated on nearly three acres it looks out over its own natural green space, and it’s own Manlove Lake. 

Because of our location, you have easy access, plenty of parking and if you are flying, we are only 15 minutes from Hobby International Airport. 

Since we own our own facilities you are guaranteed an authentic “welcome to our home” experience.

The interior design was developed around a “flowing of ideas” concept and all areas have been included in the visual effect.  The ceiling utilizes exposed ductwork and the high ceiling gives a sense of expansiveness. The flooring exhibits a pattern of rivers of thought flowing throughout the facilities. At the center of the space there are suspended elements that provide additional interest. The exterior columns of the building have a flowing pattern that are actually an extension of the interior columns and curved wall design – this extension from the inside out indicates that our creativity is meant to flow outward from our offices and create external influence. 

The cafe area is angular and circular at the same time with mid-level suspended elements that create a sense of tension while the curves and color pallete leaves you with a sense of calm and purpose. 

JMMC facilities are an experience in itself, and we welcome you to come experience it for yourself.

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