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Do Brands Even Matter Anymore?

Posted on May 7, 2019

Do Brands Even Matter Anymore?

The mindset was once, “I’ve never heard of that company. I better go with a brand I recognize.” However, the Internet has added a new layer to the buying decision. Having a strong brand is always a good thing—it can create a shortcut in the decision-making process—but it takes layer upon layer to build that kind of loyalty in today’s market. To help you get there, remember what matters most to consumers.

What You Stand For

This is extremely important in today’s consumer market, especially for Generations Y and Z comprised of people age 35 and under. Your values must be clear and actionable, meaning you need to put your money where your mouth is. Think about strategic ways you can align your core beliefs with how you purchase media, create content, and take social action. Remember, everything you do online is a reflection of your company and what you stand for.


Everyone loves a good story, especially one with a heartfelt message and happy ending. Storytelling is a surefire marketing tool you can use to relate to your audience. You can tell the inspiring story of how your company got started, the problems your product or service can help solve, or real-life testimonials from satisfied customers using your product. The best ways to share these stories online are via videos, live streams, infographics, and other engaging media.

User Reviews

Most young consumers these days make buying decisions based largely or even solely on user ratings they find online. Shoppers can access reviews and seek opinions from hundreds or even thousands of people in an instant, reducing the importance of the brand name and elevating the significance of positive user experiences. Make sure you’re delivering such experiences, and rectify customer complaints as soon as possible to ensure you receive business-boosting reviews.

Page One Results

It’s not enough to appear at the top of a search engine query when someone looks up the name of your business—your goal is to be on page one when online shoppers search for a keyword related to your product or service. Having a strong digital presence increases the chance of clicks, which can turn into more paying customers.

Blog Comments

First of all, if your business doesn’t already have a blog, start one. Then, monitor the comments section. This is your chance to have direct conversations with customers and prospects. You might get complaints, which you should address publicly to show your commitment to customer service. Hopefully, you’ll get plenty of positive feedback as well to bolster your online presence further.

Shares and Likes

Do your customers voluntarily like and share your social media posts? This is a marker of true loyalty, a goal every company hopes to achieve. Feel free to measure your marketing success by these new currencies, and strive to always create shareable and likable content.

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